The Moments of Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is well known and celebrated as one of the most versatile and epic directors of our time. His career has spanned decades and genres alike, and this video is a tribute to moments from his films. From the beginning to the end, Spielberg takes us on a cinematic ride that is truly remarkable.



2 thoughts on “The Moments of Spielberg

  1. Michael M,

    This ended up being a very strong video. The scenes were skillfully edited together and the video really gave you a sense of how visually engaging Spielberg is as a director. I particularly enjoyed the final credits sequence (with showing the title cards for all the films) though I wish we’d gotten a sense of which ones Spielberg directed and which ones he just wrote or exec produced (for someone who is not well-versed in Spielberg, they might get the notion that he directed all of the movies involved in this video). And while the final quotations you included seemed a bit tacked on, the overall effect of the video essay remains.
    Good work!

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